01. Why book with us?

02. How to search for a specific hotel?

03. How to search for a specific hotel category?

04. How to select a meal type when searching for a hotel?

05. What is the difference between full board and all-inclusive?

06. What are the differences between the bedding types?

07. How to get an additional bed/cot?

08. What is the time limit to book for the same day?

09. How to book adjoining or interconnecting rooms?

10. How to advise of a late arrival at the hotel?

11. How to request an early check-in?

12. How to request a late check-out?

13. What are the documents that I should receive after confirming a booking?

14. How to get/reprint the hotel voucher?

15. How to modify or cancel a booking?

16. Who do I contact if I have any problems during check-in?

17. How do I make a complaint?

18. Are hotel city taxes and other local taxes included in the booking price?